Andrea J. Miller 

Patient Experience Expert | Health Innovation Strategist | Author  

  Startup Advisor | Global Health Manager

Hi. I’m Andrea J. Miller, a healthcare management consultant. I have spent years working for and advising public health organizations, startups, and global management consulting firms. However, my greatest value comes from my experiences as an unexpected patient and caregiver.

It’s that journey that taught me and motivates me to make the patient journey better. Through my personal story and understanding of the patient experience, I help companies and organizations create transformative outcomes.

My portfolio includes advising, speaking engagements, training and coaching on the patient journey and experience; how to better engage consumers to take action; personal + professional development, including resilience; and business strategy and development.

I’m also a writer and a story-teller, having co-authored two UN publications, written for corporate clients, and Thrive Global, and other publications.

My mission is to help you create better, more compassionate experiences for both patients and staff that lead to great business results and improved health outcomes.

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