Do You Know What Really Matters to Your Patients?

I have little cartilage in my knee, none in my hips, and 8 screws in my neck. Every day is a class in pain management and yet, for the 45 minutes while I’m in spin class I can forget it all (most of the time).

It took a year after my neck surgery before I felt ready and even then, everything was off. I literally couldn’t keep my chin up…but now, 2 years from that first class and almost 3 years from my surgery, I’m back to being a bad-ass on my bike (at least that’s what I tell myself). I may never be able to ride on the street again, but for those 45 minutes I can reclaim a small part of who I was and I can’t begin tell you how much that motivates and matters to me.

Do you know what really matters to your patients?

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